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Marty Noble

New York Times Bestseller & Artist

Marty Noble was destined to be an artist from the day she arrived in this world. Her maternal grandparents met in the Cleveland Art School, and her grandfather became a very successful illustrator. Her father’s parents were both artists also. As a young girl Marty spent a lot of time with her grandmother, who (you guessed it) was also a successful artist. Her mother became a visual artist whose talent touched many mediums; sketches, sculpture, and more – but her love for printmaking was her personal favorite. “I was always immersed in the world of visual art”, said Marty, “and only one of my grandfathers six children became a working artist, my mother, but all her siblings were good.” What is even more fascinating is that Marty’s own siblings inherited the gift of artistic talent also, establishing three known generations of artists in her extended family. The rich “DNA” of artistic talent that was woven through the fabric of her family almost guaranteed Marty would evolve as an artist should she choose that path. Fortunately for us and the world, she did.

Around the age of seventeen, and living near the beach, Marty started collecting flat shells during her many exploratory trips near her home, and started making crafts with the shells and other beach and ocean artifacts. It was about this time that Marty brought her creations to a local craft show. “I couldn’t believe it, she said, “it was the first time I had tried to see if there was any interest in my creations, and I sold everything that day.” She continued, “I think that first show had a lot to do with what became my life’s direction, I realized I might be able to survive doing what I love to do forever, and for me that was an epic realization.” It wasn’t long after this that Marty moved to Sonoma, CA, in what became the first in a series of moves around the country during her lifetime and career, each contributing new opportunities and new influences she could weave into her work:

“I lived in Sonoma around 1967 and became fascinated with Batik - I really fell for it,” she explained, “I did small wall hangings and moved toward outdoor craft shows and sold out every time, by then there was no looking back.” A few years after Sonoma, Marty moved to Ojai, California, developing a following. Comments like “your style is very illustrative”, and, “your subject matter tells a story” started to be heard. She moved to watercolor, began to extend her own illustrative boundaries, and it seemed like doors started opening everywhere. Calendars, poster art, collector plates for the Franklin Mint, book illustrations, and more - were just a few of the many categories where Marty’s beautiful interpretations of the world were appearing.

Eventually she narrowed her focus to books, learning more and more about the world of publication, and moved to San Diego. The move impacted the following she had built in Northern California, and she developed a new relationship with Dover Books, a relationship that continues to this day. From children’s books to sticker books, coloring books to paper doll books, it seemed that Marty’s versatility and reach as an artist had no limits. Little by little it became evident that Dover wanted to focus on more adult themes, “it was a natural progression”, says Marty, and ultimately this led to her incredible adult-themed coloring books. Marty’s travels and constant visual absorption of the world around translated into numerous exciting and breathtaking works of art. From “Sugar Skulls” to “Steampunk” to “Angels”, to the flowing and mystical worlds her mind inhabits - Marty Noble has touched our lives in more ways than we can imagine.

Her career has been one of passion and progression. She sees the world through a unique set of lenses, and has the magical ability to transfer what she sees to almost any medium, inviting us into her world to see it through her eyes.

Here, for the first time, is the first collection of Marty Noble works, illustrated and colored by Marty. Painstakingly created, with the attention to detail that is her hallmark, we are able to make available limited editions of original creations by Marty – to grace your walls and bring bright and beautiful joy to your home.

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